Private sessions are a unique opportunity for students who wish to work one on one with an instructor. We also offer semi-private sessions for those wishing to work in a small group as well.

What do we offer?

-PRIVATE YOGA SESSION FOR ADULTS:  A perfect way to get deeper into your practice, to address issues or injuries, to get a custom practice that might be gentler, slower or deeper than a regular group yoga class.

-PERSONAL TRAINING: To get a customized fitness plan, help with your nutrition and weekly workout sessions with a certified personal trainer.

*We also offer private sessions for children. This is perfect for a child with special needs or just a way to have a more custom, one on one session that is handcrafted for your child. We can help with stress relief, anxiety issues as well as sensory issues and motor skill building. 


Single 1 hr yoga session for adults or children: $60.00

Single 1 hr personal training session: $45.00

Yoga Package (4 one hour sessions): $200

Personal Training Package (4 one hour sessions): $160 

*Payment accepted in the forms of personal checks only.