We have classes for all ages! Read on to find the class that's right for you.

child only classes:


This preschool age geared class is all about introducing children to yoga in a joyful and warm environment. Every week is a different yoga adventure as we explore movement and poses combined with stories, puppets, songs and games. 

Down doggies (ages 5-7)

 Down Doggies will help yogis build confidence, coordination and social skills in a non-competitive class. Games, cooperative activities, yoga poses, and creative movement are all incorporated into a fun yoga class. Children will also learn skills for handling stress and emotions as well as techniques for relaxation and meditation.





Yoga Playdate (Toddler and baby classes)

Yoga playdate classes give parents and caregivers a chance to stretch, breathe and connect with other parents in this lovely combination class. In addition to a stretch and relax time for the adults, babies and toddlers enjoy a mix of free play and class participation with stories, yoga poses with their parents, massage and more! In both classes, special attention is paid to the development of key motor skills for the child. We offer two sections of this class: Toddler Yoga Play Date is for those new walkers up to age 2. Baby Yoga Playdate is for ages 6 weeks to almost walking.


The perfect class to get you moving,active and bonding with your babe! This 45 minute dance and stretch class will leave mamas feeling strong and refreshed. The first half of class will be the babies snuggled into carriers as moms enjoy learning fun and easy dance moves to help boost their energy and melt away stress. In the second half of class, babies will be able to play and stretch on their blankets as moms come down to the mat for core strength rebuilding and cool down stretches. For moms and babies ages 6 weeks to carrier happy age. 



 Down Conducted in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, this class is designed to stretch and strengthen expectant mothers during their journey through pregnancy. Specific yoga postures combined with deep breathing techniques will help women prepare for childbirth and bond with their growing baby. 

Prenatal yoga can also help with back pain, digestion,strengthening uterine and pelvic floor muscles and general pregnancy discomfort.